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Service Capabilities

As an Accredited ISO 17025:2005 Calibration Laboratory, Standard Scale & Supply provides inspection and calibration services that meet your requirements.  Our test weights are traceable to the National Institute of Standards through our Michigan Weights & Measures Service Agency #100038.  

The big question is -

Why choose Standard Scale & Supply rather than any of the other scale service companies available?

Some of our competitors have a cheaper hourly rate. 
Why not go with the company with the cheapest rate?

Let me tell you a story about cheap scale service. A technician from "Cheap" Scale Company showed up to fix a customer's scale. First he replaced the Weight Indicator. The scale still didn't work. Next he replaced a Load Cell. The scale still didn't work. Finally, he saw that the Load Cell Cable had been cut. He replaced the Load Cell Cable and the scale now worked fine. He told the customer he had fixed their scale and, bye the way, he threw in a free Load Cell Cable. 

Let me explain the games that are played by "Cheap" Scale Companies. 

1) Some entice you with a cheap hourly rate. For some unexplained reason they can only show up after hours when overtime rates apply. 

2) Others keep their prices low by not stocking enough parts. Every time your scale breaks they need to order parts from the factory. This means excessive downtime for you and a second trip and associated billing for them. Does it affect your operation when your scale isn't working? Do you have a spare scale to use in the meantime?

3) Then there is the two Load Cells and a Junction Box scenario. Every time your scale is down it seems that it takes two Load Cells and a Junction Box to fix it. Really???

If you are tired of the games and want to do business with a straight shooting company come to 
Standard Scale & Supply.


We reduce your downtime and improve your bottom line and  we have customers that will vouch for that.

Some Examples:
  • 40% Savings in Repair Costs
Working with a cutting oil company, we reduced their scale repair costs by over 40%. One thing we did for the customer was install Bumper Guards in front of their Floor Scales. This reduced the damage caused by Forklift Trucks hitting the scales.

  • 1% Increased Profit
A plating company usually weighs material around 16,000-pounds. They were losing 200-pounds on most invoiced. Their 20,000-pound scale was being tested with 2,000-pounds of mass standards. This testing was "cheap" but very expensive when considering their long term loss of over 1% on every invoice. We test the scale with 20,000-pounds of mass standards and added the 1% back to the customer's bottom line.

  • When "Cheap" Costs More
An automotive OEM used a company that provided "cheap" inspections and service. Their poor quality equipment was held together with "Band-Aids" and baling wire. This required frequent service calls and the associated downtime and cost. By installing quality equipment and repairing it properly we were able to drastically reduce the total "cost of ownership" for this customer.  

In 1996, an automotive OEM researched all the scale companies they had been doing business with. They were going through a vendor reduction program to lower their cost of purchasing. Their goal was to find the one scale company that could provide the best value and overall lowest "cost of ownership." They chose Standard Scale & Supply. Don't you owe it to yourself to find out why?

We have proven over and over again that we get our customer’s scales up and running faster than anyone else. We stock more spare parts in our service trucks and in our shop, which allows us to fix your scale right on the first trip.

"Why settle for the get by when, in the long run, the good costs less?"

Standard Scale has invested heavily in people, vehicles and test equipment to keep you up and running.  Our main office is in Redford Township (Detroit) and serves the entire Lower Peninsula of Michigan, as well as the northern parts of Ohio.

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We know how expensive your downtime is -- we have two full size vans fully stocked with parts, certified mass standards and test equipment. This allows us to service most equipment on the first trip. When it does become necessary to order parts, most are available overnight.
Stake Truck 2015 In order to service large capacity scales, we have two stake trucks with heavy tools, torches, welders and large 1,000 pound certified mass standards. trkmd_d.gif (29453 bytes)
                        Capacity Test Truck 2015 We service and calibrate a large number of vehicle scales. These include  axle, motor truck and railroad track scales. Applications include motor  freight, scrap, landfill, automotive, chemical and grain elevators. To handle the volume of work, we have a heavy capacity test truck equipped with twenty 1000-pound certified mass standards and a 5000-lb self propelled weight cart.  
 weghtcart01.jpg (12974 bytes) Our motorized weight cart concentrates the test load precisely, for accurate calibration of each truck scale section.  
If you have a job to do and want it done right, give us a try.  We have the people, the equipment and the parts to do it right the first time.