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Pharmacy Scales

The scales we sell and service are from quality conscious, ISO accredited, manufacturers.
GSE Model 664 Pharmacy Scale

GSE Model 664 Pharmacy Scale

In retail pharmaceutical environments, accurate prescription validation is imperative and speed is crucial. The NTEP, Class II certified, Model 664 Prescription Counting Scale was specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of prescription filling.

The flexible Model 664 can be programmed to accomodate virtually any application requirement resulting in a cost-effective, prescription filling and validation solution.

Ohaus AdventurerPro Pharmacy Scales

OHAUS is one of the Pharmacy market leaders in weighing and committed to meeting your most demanding requirements. OHAUS offers a full line of pharmacy balances specifically designed to improve the process of compounding, to assure consistency and quality of formulations made, and to quickly and accurately count all types and shape pills. All OHAUS pharmacy balances are Legal for Trade or EC Type approved which ensure that our products have undergone independent testing to verify stringent scale specifications, guaranteeing maximum accuracy and safety.

OHAUS Analytical Pharmacy balances allow you to weigh even the smallest samples in your pharmacy confidently, accurately and safely. Ideal when weighing expensive active ingredients such as eye drops or methadone. When formulating a wide range of medications such as ointments and creams OHAUS Precision balances are the choice of most pharmacies today.