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We represent everything from the simplest Forklift Truck Scales to extremely powerful Forklift Truck Scales that function as portable Scales and Computers all in one package. We have certified Legal-for-Trade Forklift Scales for ITA Class II, Class III, and Class IV Forklift Trucks up to 16,000-pound capacity. We have a wide range of non-certified Legal-for-Trade Forklift Truck Scales for in-house material handling, supplier validation, and shipping and receiving applications. We have non-certified Legal-for-Trade hydraulic Forklift Truck Scales for high capacity Forklift Trucks and Forklift Trucks with bar-hung carriages. We have all the latest communication interfaces – both hardwired and wireless. We have Intrinsically Safe Weight Indicators for Hazardous Area installations.  The products we sell and service are from quality conscious, ISO accredited, manufacturers.

The following is representative of what we offer. It is not exclusive. Please contact us with your requirements.

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Cambridge Scale Works Dyna-Lift Electronic Forklift Truck Scales

Cambridge Scale Works Ruff-Weigh Hydraulic Forklift Truck Scales

The Cambridge Model: DL-CSW-10 Lift Truck Scale System allows lift truck operations to quickly and precisely weigh and record individual lifts. This rugged piece of industrial equipment increases productivity and eliminates down time. There is no more waiting to get to a scale in a remote location. Time is money...streamline your customer’s operation and increase efficiency. Just lift and weigh, the operation never stops. Since Cambridge offers both standard and legal for trade systems...we have the scale for the job!

Cambridge Scale
                      Works Dyna-Lift Electronic Forklift Truck Scale
Cambridge Scale Works CSW-10 Forklift Truck
                      Scale Weight Indicator

Cambridge Scale Works Dyna-Lift View Port

The Ruff-Weigh 50 is a Static Hydraulic Weighing System for skid steers, loaders, and forklifts. The Ruff-Weigh 50 Weighing System utilizes both accurate components combined with simple functions that will allow you to achieve new levels of efficiency.

Obtain your weight readings quickly and store them into memory to calculate a truck total. With the easy-to-use keyboard, operators can view both the individual and total weight.

Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the Ruff-Weigh 50 Weighing System has several add-on capabilities and is equipped with temperature compensated electronics to maintain accuracy in changing weather conditions.

The Ruff-Weigh 50 can be installed in approximately 4-5 hours and requires NO PROXIMITY SWITCHES AND NO WELDING!

Cambridge Scale Works Ruff-Weigh 50 Hydraulic
                      Forklift Truck Scale Cambridge Scale Works
                      Ruff-Weigh 50 Weight Indicator
Cambridge Scale
                        Works Ruff-Weigh 50 Hydraulic Installation Kit

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